Dear students,

Established in 2060 B.S, Sahid Narayan Pokharel Ramapur Campus has been growing rapidly with a team of active social workers, experienced lectures and dynamic students. It has been the only alternative choice for the students who seek quality education at low fee structures. SNPRC is committed to reach a new zenith with its excellences by creating real-life situation and the best learning environment. It has been the milestone for those who are unable to go to expensive private institutions of urban areas for higher education. As the Campus Chief, I assure all students that we will maintain standard educational environment and you'll feel proud to be the student of SNPRC by all means. I'd like to invite you all to join our programs. Our facuties are looking forward to giving you their best of your higher education as well as development of skills.

Yadulal Pantha
Campus Chief